Astrolink Satellite System - Twin LNB & GPS by Sphere

Astrolink Satellite System - Twin LNB & GPS by Sphere



Unlock Seamless Entertainment with Sphere Twin Satellite Antenna!

Embrace innovation with the Sphere SAA-850 RV Satellite Antenna, a cutting-edge positioner system specially designed to redefine your viewing experience in Australia. With its auto skew twin LNB and state-of-the-art components, this sophisticated antenna swiftly locates and locks onto the OPTUS C1/D3 satellite, ensuring you have fast and flawless access to high-definition viewing wherever your journey takes you.

Encased within the robust antenna unit are the positioning mechanism, low noise block (LNB), and essential control elements, all securely connected with weather-tight connectors. The accompanying Indoor Unit (IDU) serves as the user interface, enabling easy access to the system and its functions, providing power and receiving satellite signals seamlessly. The Sphere SAA-850 is not just an antenna; it's your ticket to uninterrupted entertainment under the vast Australian sky, all within a compact, user-friendly design.


  • Auto Skew Twin LNB: For precise satellite acquisition
  • High Definition Receiving: Offering impeccable viewing clarity
  • Weather-Tight Connectors: Ensuring durable and secure connections
  • User-Friendly Interface: With LCD display for easy operation
  • Compact & Robust Construction: Ideal for varied environments
  • Swift Satellite Acquisition: Of the OPTUS C1/D3



  • Antenna Unit: The antenna unit houses the antenna positioning mechanism, LNB (low noise block), and control elements within the antenna. Weather tight connectors join the power, signal and control cabling from the antenna IDU unit.
  • Indoor Unit: (IDU) The IDU is the system's user interface, providing access to the system and its functions through an LCD display power and two control buttons. IDU provides the power to the antenna as well as receives the satellite signal from the antenna unit.
  • Auto Skew
  • Twin LNB
  • Fast satellite acquisition of the OPTUS C1/D3 (that use a 10.700GHz L.O)
  • Capable of high definition receiving



  • Power: 12V
  • Frequency: 10.7GHz (twin LNB)
  • Closed Height: 200mm
  • Size of Mounting Base Plate (mm): 700L x 400W
  • 450mm – surrounding items must not be taller than 190mm
  • 200mm – surrounding items must not be taller than 70mm
  • Installed Weight: 19kg (includes cables and IDU), 16kg (dish and base plate only)



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