Suburban Nautilus On Demand Gas Hot Water Heater

Suburban Nautilus On Demand Gas Hot Water Heater



Indulge in the luxury of perpetual hot water with Suburban’s NAUTILUS On Demand RV Water Heater. Say goodbye to the anticipation of water reheating in traditional tanks and relish your showers, baths, dishes, and laundry with an endless supply of hot water anytime, anywhere. The NAUTILUS water heater offers freedom from the constraints of finite hot water availability, making every RV trip comfortable and convenient.

Designed with an exclusive 60,000 BTU 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (MCS), the NAUTILUS water heater instantaneously adjusts the LP gas input to provide consistent and endless hot water, regardless of your needs. With no storage tank to heat water, it reduces weight and increases efficiency by operating only when hot water is needed.

Key Features:

  • Model: Nautilus IW60A, 5187A
  • Maximum MJ/hr: 64 (5) burners
  • Combustion System: Two-stage Self Modulating for efficient fuel use
  • Fuel Source: Universal LP Gas
  • Lightweight: Dry Weight of 15 kg with vent assembly
  • Voltage Range: Operates within 10.2 - 14.5 VDC
  • Maximum Output Temperature: 50°C
  • Factory Setting Temperature: 50°C
  • Digital Control Center Range: 35°C - 50°C
  • Flow Rate: Requires 1.9 LPM for operation
  • Built-In Freeze Protection: Standard feature
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty for unit only

The Suburban NAUTILUS On Demand RV Water Heater provides an infinite supply of hot water, ensuring that your showers, baths, dishes, and laundry are never interrupted. Its advanced 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System efficiently manages fuel use, while the built-in freeze protection ensures reliability in all conditions. Lightweight and efficient, the NAUTILUS water heater is the perfect addition to any RV, offering unparalleled convenience and comfort.

Door, vent and controller sold separately

  • Door ( 950-03512 OR 950-03511)    
  • Controller ( 950-03500 OR 950-03502)
  • Vent ( 950-03504 OR 950-03506 OR 950-03508)

Product Dimensions

316.6 mm W x 317.8 mm H x 464.9 mm D

(includes inlet & discharge water lines)



  • Exclusive 60,000 BTU Two-Stage Self Modulating Combustion System
  • Built-In Freeze Protection
  • Only 16.3kg Installed (including optional accessories)
  • The EXCLUSIVE 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (MCS) Monitors:
  • Inlet water temperature
  • Inlet water flow
  • Output water temperature
  • Combustion air fan speed
  • Heat exchanger & burner operation



  • MODEL Nautilus IW60A, 5187A MAXIMUM MJ/hr
  • 64 (5) burners TWO-STAGE
  • Self Modulating Combustion System YES
  • Stage 1 Operation: 2 Burners
  • Stage 2 Operation: 5 Burners
  • Fuel Source Universal LP Gas
  • Dry Weight 15 kg with vent assembly
  • Optional access panel 2.3 Kg shipping weight
  • 12 VDC = AMPS 2.1 AMPS
  • Operational Voltage Range 10.2 - 14.5 VDC
  • MAXIMUM Output Water Temperature 50°C
  • Output Water Temperature - Factory Setting 50°C
  • Digital Control Center Temperature Range 35° - 50° (C)
  • Liters Per Minute (LPM) Required Flow 1.9 LPM
  • Freeze Protection Standard
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Product Dimensions 316.6 mm W x 317.8 mm H x 464.9 mm D
  • Includes inlet & discharge water lines
  • Suburban Nautilus Control Centre (Sold Separately)



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Warranty Details


  • Two-Year Warranty