Grand Aero 4 Towing Mirror Pair MIL2080 by Milenco

Grand Aero 4 Towing Mirror Pair MIL2080 by Milenco



Navigate your journeys with heightened confidence and clear rear vision using the Aero 4 Grand Towing Mirrors with Automotive Glass by Milenco - your reliable co-pilot on adventurous trails and serene drives alike!

Designed meticulously for ultimate road reassurance, especially on rugged terrains, these mirrors gift you with a wide, unobstructed scope of view, enabling you to steer clear of low-hanging branches and sneaky signposts. The Aero 4 ensures rigid stability and a crystal-clear reflection of your caravan, from roof to road, in every glance back.

Adaptable to all current vehicles from 1995-2023 (with a few exceptions listed below), the Aero 4 employs a versatile, shape-conforming clamping system, rendering straps obsolete and significantly reducing vibration. Manufactured to high standards with superior materials, this mirror becomes your key to safe and worry-free towing experiences.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Stability: Highly stable construction for clear, steady views.
  • Optimal Viewing Angle: Maximizes your field of vision and covers from roof to wheels of your caravan.
  • Universal Fit: Fits the majority of vehicles; spare parts available separately.
  • Safety First: Slightly convex safety glass mitigates distortion and complies with international safety laws.
  • Strapless Design: Unique clamping system avoids straps and minimizes vibration.
  • Aero Efficiency: Head design optimizes airflow around the vehicle for added stability.
  • Speed-Tested: Reliability tested at speeds up to 250 kph.
  • Law Compliant: Adheres to the latest international regulations and pedestrian safety laws.
  • Slight Convex: For Australian road stability, a minor convex is applied to the glass.

Grand Aero 4 fitting exceptions:

  • Vehicles with no external mirror housing.
  • Aero V Pads (3186) for Kia Sorrento 2010 onwards.
  • Aero F Pads (4664) for VW Group cars (Audi, Seat, Skoda) post 2013, Vauxhall/Opel Astra 2016, and BMW X3 models.
  • Aero LR Pads (4466) for Land Rover Discovery & Range Rover 2014 onwards.


  • In-Use Dimensions: Approximately 41cm Arm.
  • Packed Dimensions: 51L x 17.5H x 16.5D cm.
  • Material: Chrome Safety Glass | Slightly Convex.
  • Frame Material: Steel | Stainless Steel Screws | Brass Inserts.
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg.
  • Warranty: 1 Year.



  • Sold as a pair with a carry bag.
  • Engineered from the very best quality materials to ensure robust durability.
  • Greater viewing angle.
  • Larger clamp area to contact vehicle mirror.
  • 99% filement to all vehicles.
  • Double screw clamps.
  • Flexible stainless steel clamp feet with rubber protective pads.
  • Precision engineered double screw clamps.
  • Automotive mirror glass.
  • Australian Design Rule approved (14/2).
  • Aerodynamic air balanced head to minimize vibration



  • Approximately 41cm Arm
  • Steel | Stainless Steel Screws | Brass Inserts
  • Weight: 1.5kg



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Warranty Details


  • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty