Heavy Duty Hitch Lock & Chain Lock MIL4930 by Milenco

Heavy Duty Hitch Lock & Chain Lock MIL4930 by Milenco



Secure your trailer, caravan, or camper confidently with Milenco's Hitch Lock – your trusty safeguard when you’re away.

Crafted from top-tier, drill-resistant, and cutter-resistant steel, this hitch lock ensures a fortress of security around your leisure vehicle. Offering not just robustness but also convenience, the lock seamlessly installs and secures to your RV's hitch within moments. Simply maneuver the breakaway chain through the lock and secure it, and you’re set.

Choose Milenco's Hitch Lock, a premium anti-theft device, meticulously designed for your caravan, camper, or trailer.

  • Elite Anti-Theft Device
  • Drill and Cutter Resilient
  • Swift, User-Friendly Secure Fitting
  • Dependable Quality and Durability
  • In Use & Packed Dimensions: 10W x 8D x 11.5H cm; Weight: 1.25 Kg; Warranty: 1 Year

Guard against unauthorized towing and elevate the safety of your vehicle, trusting in the proven strength and reliability of Milenco.



      • Tough and dependable steel
      • Clamps over tow balland secured chains
      • Fits most australian 50mm ball couplings
      • Complete with 3 keys



      • Weight(kg): 1
      • Barcode: OEBC524688
      • Dimensions: 10W x 8D x 11.5H cm
      • Material: Drill & Cut Resistant Steel



      In stock ready to ship Australia Wide, delivery within 2-8 business days depending on destination.

      Warranty Details


      • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty