3.3 kg Automatic Mini Washing Machine 240V. STL-33C by Sphere

3.3 kg Automatic Mini Washing Machine 240V. STL-33C by Sphere



Intuitive Design: Easy-to-Use Control Panel

The Sphere STL-33C 3.3 kg automatic mini washing machine is operated by a simple control panel, offering five settings to cater to your laundry needs. From a full wash-rinse-spin cycle (38 minutes) to a quick spin (7 minutes), this compact machine has you covered. Designed for cold-water connections only, it uses around 20 liters of water per load, minimizing water consumption and making it an eco-friendly choice.

Extra Features: The Ultimate Convenience

Similar to full-size domestic machines, the STL-33C mini washing machine comes equipped with a lint filter, balance alert, and countdown display, making laundry day a breeze. The drainage hose outlet can be positioned on either the left or the right side of the machine, providing flexibility during installation. With a sleek white body and stainless steel wash tub, it complements any RV interior.

Travel Light: Less Laundry, More Freedom

Pack fewer clothes for your extended holiday and enjoy the convenience of doing laundry on your own schedule. No more waiting in line at the caravan park laundry— the STL-33C allows you to wash your clothes whenever it's convenient for you. The redesigned carry basket with locking clips and stainless steel screw-type hose clamps ensures a secure and effortless laundry experience.



• Intuitive Control Panel: Five settings for customizable laundry cycles, ranging from a full wash-rinse-spin cycle to a quick spin.
• Eco-friendly Design: Cold water connection and minimal water usage make this mini washing machine an environmentally responsible choice.
• Compact Convenience: A small footprint and versatile drainage hose outlet options allow for easy installation in tight spaces such as RVs, apartments, or dorm rooms.



• Load Capacity: 3.3 kg (dry laundry)
• Power Supply: 240V / 50Hz
• Max Water Volume: 20 Litres
• Inlet Hose: Cold connection only
• Max Water Usage: 78 Litres per load (on high setting)
• Weight: 18.5 kg
• Dimensions: (W) 410mm x (D) 420mm x (H) 740mm



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