5 Way DC Powerlink by KT Solar

5 Way DC Powerlink by KT Solar



Unmatched Efficiency

This DC Powerlink by KT Solar is designed to provide unmatched efficiency in transferring solar energy from solar panels to batteries.

With a 5-way linking capability, this product can handle up to 5 solar panels at once, providing an incredible 40% increase in solar panel efficiency.

The DC Powerlink by KT Solar also reduces the energy loss that commonly occurs in traditional wiring systems, which means you can get more energy for your money.

Hassle-Free Installation

The DC Powerlink by KT Solar is designed to make installation a breeze. It comes with everything you need to get started, including clear instructions and a set of connectors.

This product eliminates the need for a separate junction box, reducing installation time and costs. All you need to do is connect your solar panels and batteries directly to the DC Powerlink by KT Solar.

Plus, the DC Powerlink by KT Solar is engineered to be weather-resistant, which means it can withstand even the harshest conditions.

Safe and Reliable

Safety is a top priority when it comes to solar energy, and the DC Powerlink by KT Solar delivers. It is designed with built-in surge protection to prevent damage to your solar panels and batteries from sudden power surges.

This product also has a built-in circuit breaker that will automatically shut down the system in case of overload or short-circuit, preventing damage to your equipment and ensuring your safety.

With the DC Powerlink by KT Solar, you can rest assured that your solar energy system is both safe and reliable.

This product is supplied with 3 x 50A Fuse and 4 x 25A Fuses. When fuse has blown, a Red LED indicator will appear closest to the fuse that has blown. This circuit should not be used until fuse has been replaced and LED illuminates yellow.

To replace fuses, simply use a Fuse Pulling Tool which can be purchased from any major Automotive or Electrical retail outlet. Simply replace the blown fuse with a Fuse of the same Amperage
(50A or 25A Standard Blade Fuse).

50A 12V – 24V | DUAL 5V USB 3.0 SMART CHARGE

The module has 50A Input / Output options, Dual 5V USB Inputs, and can support a multitude of applications and ideal for use with Solar, 12V or 24V Deep Cycle Batteries, Lighting, Camping.

Fridges, Air Compressors, and a variety of other camping, marine, 4WD, and caravanning 12V or 24V applications. The Dual Smart-Charging USB Inputs allow efficient charging of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and other USB devices. This unit features 5 Fused circuits, with green LED indicators which illuminate to display when a fuse has blown. Fuses can be removed easily via fuse-pulling tools. Fuses are protected by a polycarbonate cover, to protect from dust & water. This unit is manufactured using UV Stabilised polycarbonate, making it suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications.

Applications include 12V & 24V, Automotive, 4WD, Camping, Caravanning & Marine, Ideal for use with Batteries, Solar, Camping Fridges, Lighting, Air compressors and USB Devices.




Power up to 6 Devices Max at Once
• (With 1 to 3 x 50A Power Inputs) 5 x 50A 12V – 24V Inputs / Outputs suited to 50A heavy duty connectors
• 2 x 5V USB connections

Suitable for a Wide Range Of Applications
• Suitable for use with 12V – 24V applications including Batteries, Solar, Camping Fridges, Lighting & Air-Compressors & ideal for 4WD, Camping, Caravans, RV’s, Motor-homes & boats.

LED Indicator Lights
• Yellow LED Indicator Lights to denote ‘live circuit’. For USB Circuits, Blue LED Indicator Lights denote active circuit. Red LED Lights for 50A Circuits denote blown / or removed fuse.

Dual QC3.0 USB Smart Charge Outlets (5V each)
• For efficient charging & powering USB Devices.

4 Corner Points for Secure Mounting
• Includes Mounting Hardware.

Each Circuit is Fuse Protected
• Unit Takes 1 x 50A & 4 x 25A Fuses ( Kit includes 3 x 50A Blade Fuses & 4 x 25A Blade Fuses). This is not indicative of appliances that use smaller fuses. Always select the correct fuse as per manufacturer specifications.

Easy Clip On / Off Polycarbonate Cover
• Cover protects fuses.

Suitable for Use with 12V & 24V Devices
Ideal for use with 12V Lead Acid Batteries, Solar Panels, Camping Fridges, Lighting, Air Compressors & other 12V or 24V Camping / Outdoor applications.

Moulded to Connect with 50A Connectors
Designed to connect with Grey, Blue, Red & Black 50A Heavy Duty Connectors.

Durable for a wide-range of outdoor, 4WD Applications
Dustproof, Splashproof with Rubber Protective Boots to protect connections when not in use. Body is made from UV Resistant Polycarbonate.




Power Input: 50A
Device Inputs: 25A
Rated to 50A at any one-time

143mm (L) x 77.2mm (H) x 32 (D)mm

4 x PM3.5 x 28mm Self Tapping



In stock ready to ship Australia Wide, delivery within 2-8 business days depending on destination.

Warranty Details


  • 12 Month Warranty against defects under the terms of the manufacturers warranty