RVX-65 Fridge/Freezer by sphere

RVX-65 Fridge/Freezer by sphere



Unmatched Cooling Experience: Sphere RVX-65 Fridge/Freezer 65L!

Meet the Sphere RVX-65 Fridge/Freezer! This innovative 65L portable fridge/freezer brings unparalleled cooling technology right to your fingertips, perfect for all your outings and expeditions. Designed to keep your perishables fresh and your drinks chilled, even amidst the scorching Australian heat, it's an absolute must-have for every outdoor enthusiast.

The RVX-65 combines resilient polypropylene construction with reinforced corners, rendering it sturdy and low-maintenance. Its user-friendly design features an LED display and easy-to-use push-button controls, allowing for precise temperature modifications and monitoring. The convenience of fold-away handles and the versatile end or side opening options make the RVX-65 an adaptable companion for camping and RV travels.


  • Adaptable Lid Opening: End or Side Opening lid, entirely removable for added convenience.
  • User-Friendly Controls: LED display integrated with push-button controls for precise temperature management.
  • Rugged Construction: Constructed with durable polypropylene and strengthened corners.
  • Efficient Organization: Comes with a removable internal basket and a distinct dairy compartment.
  • Easy Handling: Equipped with fold-away carry handles for effortless lifting and secure storage.
  • Improved Visibility: Fitted with an internal LED light that activates upon lid opening.
  • Protective Cover Included: Ships with a standard padded protective cover to safeguard your investment.



          • The RVX range features an LED display and push button controls so you can easily and accurately adjust and monitor your fridges temperature.
          • The robust and refined cabinet utilizes a polypropylene construction with reinforced corners making it strong and easy to keep clean
          • The fully insulated cabinet and lid will keep your food and drinks cold and fresh during the hottest Australian summers.
          • The entire RVX range comes with a protective cover as standard to help you protect your investment.
          • Fold away carry handles make storing and lifting the fridge a breeze while offering a convenient point to secure the fridge while traveling.
          • An internal LED light that switches on when the lid is open ensures you will always be able to see what you’re looking for
          • A removable internal basket and separate dairy compartment allows you to organise your fridge how you like and easily clean and maintain it.
          • 3 Year Warranty plus Additional 2 Year Parts Only Compressor Warranty.



          • Voltage: Operates on both DC 12V/24V and AC 240V
          • Temperature Range: -22°C ~ 10°C
          • Compressor: SECOP compressor
          • Materials: Polypropylene with Polyurethane Insulation
          • Dimensions (mm) (L)709 x (W)455 x (H)558
          • Weight:25.5Kg
          • 3 Year Warranty + Additional 2 Year Parts Only Compressor Warranty



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          Warranty Details


          • 3 YEARS (36 MONTHS)
          • Additional 2 YEARS (24 MONTHS) Compressor (part supply only) Warranty