RVX-55 Fridge/Freezer by Sphere

RVX-55 Fridge/Freezer by Sphere



Cool & Compact: Sphere RVX-55 Fridge/Freezer 55L!

Introducing the Sphere RVX-55 Fridge/Freezer—a portable and compact 55L cooling marvel designed to make your adventures more comfortable and convenient. Whether it’s a camping expedition or a journey in your RV, this fridge/freezer is your perfect companion, keeping your essentials fresh and drinks cool, even in the intense heat of Australian summers.

The RVX-55 is meticulously designed with robust polypropylene construction and reinforced corners for enhanced durability and minimal maintenance. It’s equipped with an intuitive LED display and straightforward push-button controls, allowing for accurate temperature adjustments and real-time monitoring. With its fold-away handles and the innovative end or side opening lid, the RVX-55 offers flexibility and easy accessibility, making it an indispensable asset for all your travels.


  • Versatile Lid Opening: Offers both End and Side Opening options, with a fully removable lid for flexible access.
  • Precise Control: Features an LED display with push-button controls for accurate temperature adjustment.
  • Durable Build: Crafted with resilient polypropylene and reinforced corners.
  • Organized Storage: Includes a removable internal basket and a separate dairy compartment for organized storage.
  • Convenient Handling: Fold-away carry handles for easy lifting and securing during travels.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Internal LED light activates when the lid is opened.
  • Added Protection: Comes with a standard padded protective cover for added security.



          • The RVX range features an LED display and push button controls so you can easily and accurately adjust and monitor your fridges temperature.
          • The robust and refined cabinet utilizes a polypropylene construction with reinforced corners making it strong and easy to keep clean.
          • The fully insulated cabinet and lid will keep your food and drinks cold and fresh during the hottest Australian summers.
          • The entire RVX range comes with a protective cover as standard to help you protect your investment.
          • Fold away carry handles make storing and lifting the fridge a breeze while offering a convenient point to secure the fridge while traveling.
          • An internal LED light that switches on when the lid is open ensures you will always be able to see what you’re looking for
          • A removable internal basket and separate dairy compartment allows you to organise your fridge how you like and easily clean and maintain it.



          • Voltage: Operates on both DC 12V/24V and AC 240V
          • Temperature Range: -22°C ~ 10°C
          • Compressor: SECOP compressor
          • Materials: Polypropylene with Polyurethane Insulation
          • Dimensions (mm) (L)709 x (W)455 x (H)498
          • Weight:24.4Kg
          • 3 Year Warranty + Additional 2 Year Parts Only Compressor Warranty



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          Warranty Details


          • 3 YEARS (36 MONTHS)
          • Additional 2 YEARS (24 MONTHS) Compressor (part supply only) Warranty