Winegard RVH 3095 Sensar RV TV Antenna W/Power Supply

Winegard RVH 3095 Sensar RV TV Antenna W/Power Supply



Winegard RVH 3095 Antenna

Raise, lower and rotate while inside your RV to find the best signal, Its that easy!

The Sensar RV-3095 antenna has a built in amplifier and unique circuitry that gives you clear VHF/ UHF reception wherever you park your RV.

Easy to install, and is bidirectional and corrosion resistant. Digital ready when combined with digital off-air tuner or HD digital television.

Designed with a 70ohm sensar this has a unique circuitry for clean and clear VHF and UHF reception whenever you park. You can easily raise, rotate and lower this antenna from the comfort of your parked vehicle.



  • Bidirectional and Corrosion-Resistant Design: Ensures superior signal clarity and longevity, making it ideal for diverse RV environments.
  • Built-In Amplifier with Unique Circuitry: Offers clean and clear VHF/UHF reception, enhancing your RV entertainment experience wherever you park.
  • Convenient Internal Control: Allows for easy raising, rotating, and lowering of the antenna from inside the RV, optimizing signal strength effortlessly.



  • Dimensions: 122cm x 34cm x 21cm
  • Weight: 4.6kg



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Warranty Details


  • 12 Month Warranty